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5 Tips for Printing your Art

April 28, 2021

5 Tips for Printing your Art

Selling Prints is a fairly easy way to increase your business revenue, but it can definitely seem overwhelming at first. 

Here are my first 5 tips to consider before you even start. 

1- Have a High Resolution Image of your work.
This may seem obvious, but you can't expect a high quality 16x20 print from a picture you took using your iPhone. If you work on small surfaces I highly recommend using a scanner as it's so easy and simple. However, If your paintings are large taking pictures in natural light using a DSLR camera is your best option.

2- Print on what you Painted on.
To start it's always a great idea to print on the same surface that way your prints will resemble your originals. Once you get the hang of printing you can experiment!

3- Ask or get Paper Samples
Whether you are doing your own printing or outsourcing it, it's always best to try different paper to see what suits your style the best. I highly recommend sticking with Fine Art papers as they will prolong the life of your prints.

4- Create files of each print and it's final size.
Once you have your images spend some extra time creating files of each on the size that they will be printed at. This will save you so much time in the long run and it's something that I wish I had done when I started printing my own work.

5- Practice, Practice and Practice!
It's so easy to get discourage when your prints don't come out right. I wish you could see the stack that I have in my studio but as anything the more you practice the better you will get. Colour correct your images, adjust the brightness and exposure, just find what works for your work!